Playing now

Inspired by IFComp '07 Checklists, what I’ll do is post a short list of games, then add to it and check off games as I go. Currently playing is in red.

Like the IFComp thread, add your list too.

__: [color=red]Lost Pig
XX: Marika the Offering (One Room Comp)
__: An Apple from Nowhere
__: Fine Tuned
__: Timeout
__: Beetmonger’s Journal
__: Elements

Is this for IF games or any games? If IF games, then… my list will be pretty empty as I’m just coming out of IFComp mode and need a break from playing any IF games for a week or two. When I get back into the swing of things, I plan to wallow in nostalgia and play some of the text adventures from when I was a teenager. There are still so many I haven’t played and as I could be dead of old age in 40-50 years, I really need to get cracking.

If any games, then my list of current games is the same as it’s been since about this time last year when I started playing the best game of them all: World of Warcraft.

Originally I thought of just IF games, but I don’t see why people couldn’t include all games. I don’t really actively look for new (or old) games, so I appreciate it when I come across something to look up in another context.

I’m playing the new Sam & Max series right now (ep. 2 “Moai better blues”) as well as “Secret File Tunguska”, “Child’s Play”, “Half Life 2” and “Call of Duty 2”.


I’m playing Pokemon Pearl (DS), Super Mario Galaxy (Wii), and Dora’s Barnyard Buddies (for my daughter, on PS1). Recently, I’ve finished Grim Fandango (with my wife, on PC), Metroid Prime - Corruption (Wii), Silent Hill Origins (PSP), Final Fantasy VII (PS1), and Castlevania - Portait of Ruin (DS).

I actually keep a “play” list of my own, just for reference. I make a note of what day I start, and what day I finish. Usually, I’m playing two to three games at any given time (one on a console, one on a portable, and sometimes one with my wife). Still, I’ve amassed such a collection that it’s completely impossible to finish all of them, ever. Especially since I only get to play a little bit each week.

Not much in the way of IF. I beta-tested a game for the upcoming beginner’s competition, but then got too busy to follow up on the second beta of the same game. That’s about it for me.

The one thing that I’m realizing with game lists is that I don’t keep up with them. I tried moving the list to my wordpress site and I still don’t update it.

I’d bother, but the list goes on and on… >_<

I still need to go back and finish off the Avernum series sometime.