Playing IF in Command Prompt or Terminal?

Hey there, first post here. I was wondering if there’s an interpreter that can play IF games in Command Prompt or a Terminal window.

I had created a fyrevm console terp (windows) many years ago. The code is on github if you’re curious. … yreConsole

Just about all of the interpreters can be compiled in a terminal-window (curses library) mode. That’s not how the binaries are generally distributed, but if you’re comfortable compiling them from source, it’s doable.

well, for me the commandline/shell character-only interface on an 80x25 screen/window IS the proper way of enjoying Interactive Fiction, but the advantages of modern story file format (glulx, tads 3, hugo etc.) are somewhat penalised in a char-oriented environment. (the best mouse interface for IF remains for me that of spellcasting x01/Gateway, whose IS feasible to program under glulx, for instance).

my choice, having a Linux box, is frotz/nitfol/frob for char-only IFs, and gargoyle 'terps for the multimedia/HTML/graphic interface IFs.

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Welcome to the forum. There are several, For example, Fizmo has a lot of different ways to run stories. What operating system are you on?

Yes but depends on which games you want to play :slight_smile:
There is the Level 9 interpreter for the command line at: and it works on Linux again.

There is also my own program ZORKMID which can execute Z-machine games in a Terminal window. Of course, it depend what games you want to play; you should need other programs too if you want to play a lot of different games.