Playing Hibernated - Directors Cut on Retro Z80 Computer

I enjoy working with retro computers. I have an RC2014 Z80 with CP/M.

Spencer Owen with the RC2014 Google Group found a way to play Hibernated on the RC2014.

Place “ZORK1(dot)COM” on a drive such as H:
(The Zork series has been ported to the Z80 / RC2014)

Then copy hibernated1.z3 to the same drive renamed to ZORK1.DAT.

Play Hibernated1 by executing H:ZORK1

I expect it works on the Z80 since it was compiled with the Punyinform library.


Yes, this will work! Very nice. It’s amazing to see the game is played on devices I didn’t even know exist! We’ll be providing a note for RC2014 users with a future release! :vulcan_salute: