Playing around with 10.2.0-beta

I’m curious if anyone is playing around with with 10.2.0-beta yet. If so, what has the experience been like so far.

I am considering digging into it myself because there are several pieces of functionality listed in inform-evolution that I would like to try out. Specifically: IE-0003, IE-0009 and IE-0010.

They are all listed as Implemented but unreleased. I assume that means they are available in the beta, is that assumption correct? What is the beta experience like right now?


I haven’t, but suspect we’ll see a final release - perhaps with documentation? - in four days so might be worth holding off until then!


0010 looks great! In all of my games I model topics as physical objects carried by the player, rewriting all the standard rules to make them invisible.

So this idea of “concepts” that have all the properties of physical objects but don’t show up in inventory and have no scope issues is really great. I’d definitely switch over to that once it comes out!


I could have used concepts extensively in Repeat the Ending!

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I am interested in trying out IE-0009 - Dialog Sections.

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Is there information about a release in four days?

No, it’s just a traditional Inform release date. Not a universal one though.

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Yeah, as Zarf says, just speculation – but April 28th was the initial release of Inform lo these thirty years ago, and Graham’s tended to roll out big updates on that day (that’s when he made the open source announcement last year). So the increased Github activity and the proximity to the 28th make me suspect we’ll be seeing something on Friday.


Oh, I had no idea, heh. Yet another piece of IF lore I knew nothing about.

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Yeah, I just know about it because Graham mentioned it in the open source announcement post last year – had no idea before then.

I hope that Dialogues and Concept reach maturity when I mull about my next major WIP (tentatively, late '20s…)

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Well, regardless of whether or not there is an update soon, has anyone tried the beta version yet?

Yes. In the absence of documentation for it, I haven’t tried mucking with Dialogue and Concepts.

You’re not likely to notice anything else different. Here’s the biggest one I know:

You can now specify object kinds other than things in action declarations. You cannot specify visible or touchable: they’re all visible (i.e., unconstrained). “thing” in an action declaration continues to mean any object. Grammar tokens referring to non-thing objects implicitly have any: scope is no longer an applicable concept for non-thing objects specified in understand lines.

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What process are you using to play with the newer version? Are you doing everything at the command line? Can you use it through the existing IDEs?

I’m using it at the command-line. I don’t imagine anything would stop me from using it as the basis on which to build the IDE, though.

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