playing ALAN3 in OS X?

How do you play ALAN3 games in OS X? The interpreter page on IFWIki suggests Spatterlight, but “Ted Paladin…” crashes when I try to run it in Spatterlight 0.5.0.

The interpreter in Spatterlight is one of the early Alan 3 alpha releases, and cannot run alan3 beta games.

The game comes with instructions in an RTF file for plugging in a replacement for Gargoyle’s alan3 interpreter.

The next Gargoyle release should make these contortions unnecessary.

I guess this means I have to download Gargoyle. Does time spent monkeying with interpreters count against the two-hour limit? (Alternatively, will the next Gargoyle release be out by the end of the comp?)

The intent is that the two-hour limit is play time rather than setup time.

Thanks! (I did figure that was the case – just grumbling.)

My hands are tied until I get the alan3 source code. Any new release will break that (unofficial) plugin, so it has to include the updated interpreter or it will only compound the problem.

FWIW, I went through exactly this process (installing Mac Gargoyle, then installing the plugin) and it is really pretty painless. Didn’t take me more than five minutes or so.

I suppose this goes in “interpreters,” but I followed the instructions and now I can’t run Gargoyle at all. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

I think it’s for x86 Macs only.