Playfic, a web app for writing/sharing Inform 7

Hey, everybody! I just launched Playfic, an experimental web community for writing, sharing, and playing Inform 7 games, entirely from the browser. It’s built heavily on top of the commandline I7 compiler for Linux and the Parchment interpreter.

Just a head’s up, this is a very simplified environment for writing Inform 7 for people less acquainted with interactive fiction. It’s much more limited than the official SDK, and doesn’t allow proper releases, maps, skeins, attachments, or third-party extensions. (Though you can download the .z8 binary for any game you write.)

Would love to hear your feedback about it, and especially would love to see you try to publish some of your games on the site. There’s very little in the way of actual games on the site right now, it’s almost entirely sample code and recipes from the official Recipe Book.

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Hey cool! I just got an email about this from a non-IF-playing friend who’d heard about it, and rushed over here to post. Good work, and I suspect this is going to be pretty big. I know I’ll be looking into using it for teen workshops.

P.S. I really hate being a jerk about this, but could you please add me (Lea Albaugh) to the attribution on the playing IF cheat sheet? I know Zarf is a lot more famous than me and it’s therefore easier to remember his contribution, but, well, I’m underemployed and need as much publicity as I can get. :wink:

Done! I’d like to add it as inline help on every game page, if it’s okay with you and Andrew.

Thanks! The card is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, so you’re welcome to include it as long as you attribute it to us (and, as I understand it, include that license). Also, from a purely design-nerd standpoint, I think it’s better if you use one of the pretty ones (image file rather than text+html), but I understand that that would require more time to load.

That looks cool!

Is there potential for collaboration? e.g. being able to grant read-write permissions on a particular game to a number of users, or to branch and merge the source of multiple versions?

Not yet, but stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Wow, this looks awesome. I’m a teacher and can see this working really well with students… Thanks so much!

Looking good! Can’t wait for collaboration.

Also is there a possibility of vertically splitting the page between source and game?

Thanks for starting this. It opens up the possibility of coding games in Inform 7 on the iPad, where we can’t use the standard IDE.

During editing or playing? You’d get to see much fewer lines if the source/preview are stacked on top of each other. I was considering adding an option to collapse either the source or preview area, so that the selected pane takes up the full screen, but I never thought about doing a top/bottom arrangement.

I mean so that you could see the source and a game side by side, like when making a new game.