Player Names Problem

I’m trying to use example 414 to allow the player to set their name. I have already declared the variables under the people kind, but inform is pissed at me for it for some reason.

[code]A person has a text called first name. The first name of a person is usually “Stranger”.
A person has a text called full name. The full name of a person is usually “Stranger”.
The player is a person.

To decide whether collecting names: [From example 414]
if the command prompt is "What is your name? > ", yes;
After reading a command when collecting names:
if the number of words in the player’s command is greater than 5:
say “[paragraph break]I would love to let you have more than five names, but we gotta draw a line somewhere. Try again.”;
reject the player’s command;
*now the player’s full name is the player’s command;
*now the player’s first name is word number 1 in the player’s command;
now the command prompt is “>”;
*say “Hi, [player’s first name]![paragraph break]”;
reject the player’s command.[/code]

I think the problem is either I accidentally made [first name] and [full name] constants instead of variables (I tried calling it a text variable, but inform complains at that too), or it doesn’t like something about the phrase “player’s full/first name.” If someone could fix my error, or tell me what I’m doing wrong, that would be fantastic. Thank you!

Edit: forgot to specify, I marked the lines that the compiler complains about with a *, and added the line of code that says the player is, in fact, a person.

Inform doesn’t understand “player’s” in the way you want–it doesn’t realize that apostrophe-s is supposed to signal a possessive. Try replacing “player’s first name” with “first name of the player,” “player’s full name” with “full name of the player,” etc.

You do need to keep “player’s command” as it is. The thing is “player’s command” is a set phrase–it’s not like anybody or anything else can have a command. The “player” object isn’t part of “the player’s command.” But when we’re talking about full names, we need Inform to figure out whose first name it is, and the way it figures it out is with “full name of X” rather than “X’s full name.”

Thanks for the help, it works now! Kinda annoying how I can’t shorten it, but whatever.