Player-name-able objects

I recall in the game ‘Spellbreaker’, the player was able to write words on the Foundation Cubes, to differentiate them, and the player was able to refer to the individual cubes by those words. Is there way to allow the player to not only change the printed name of an object, but also be able to refer to that object by a name chosen by the player…??


See example 420, “Fido”, in the Recipe Book.

Recipe Book 8:3 - check the example “Fido”.

Thank you both! I was beginning to think that this was not possible.

I have to assume that must have been a design-goal: If Infocom did it, it should be doable in Inform.

I’d go as far as to say that if a system can be described in book prose, you can model it interactively in Inform as well. Sometimes it just takes some creative thinking.

…and isn’t equivalent to the Halting Problem… :slight_smile:

Infocom-equivalent support was a goal, yes. Although are situations where you have to go down to I6 code to get what you want.

There’s also this bit of naming the dog code:

Thanks again, guys!