Player chooses a number

Hey all-
So I have a sitch where I need the player to CHOOSE a number from a list. Here’s what I’ve got:

Understand the command "choose" as something new. Understand "choose [number]" as choosing. Choosing is an action applying to one number.

Carry out choosing a number:
	if the platypus is visible:
		if the number is 1:
			say "Thing 1";
			now the player is 1d;
		otherwise if the number is 2:
			say "Thing 2";
			now the player is 2d;
		say "Extra stuff applying to Thing 1 and Thing 2";
		say "There's nothing to choose here.".

But whether the player CHOOSES 1 or 2, it gives the “Thing 1” response. What am I missing here?

I think you want the number understood ?


I think you need “the number understood is 1/2”.

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HAHA! That’s it. So pesky, these little words that make all the difference. Thanks again!


Also, now I want to play this game with a platypus and a player who can be 1- or 2-dimensional.

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Unfortunately I just made that up, but I can see the most mind-blowing game of the decade being a trippy game about a magic platypus who can change a PC’s dimensional state.

You may have this idea as my gift to you.