Play vs Story?

I’m going through the manual and I see you can do rules for “When play begins” and “When play ends”. But Inform seems to go out of its way to call everything a “story” (such as “end the story finally” and so on). I’m just curious if this means there’s going to be “When the story begins” and “When the story ends” rules?

I know it probably doesn’t matter since it’s just a different way to say the same thing but I’m finding some little areas in the manual where Inform says one thing in one context but doesn’t seem to follow through in related contexts. So I say it probably doesn’t matter, but does it? Does Inform make some sort of distinction between “play” and “story” that I’m not aware of yet. It’s early days for me in the manual.

Probably not. The rulebook names have been stable since I7 started. (Even when the phrase was “end the game in victory”.)