Play Testers sought for "Crash" (round two) FOUND!

I posted about a month ago for testers, who did a great job, leading me to make some major changes to Crash, so much so that I think a second round of testing is warranted. It’s a puzzle-rich game with a story and characters, and multiple endings, probably a bit more than two hours to play. It’s set on a spaceship, but it’s not so much science fiction-ish as thriller, if I had to name the movie genre. The tagline: “A routine maintenance job becomes a harrowing mission in deep space!” It’s reasonably difficult, but mostly gentle, I think. (Especially as compared to the previous test release, earlier testers take note.)

And of course I’m happy to return the favor. Hope to hear from some of you!

ETA: It’s a parser game written in Inform 7.

ETA 2: My timeline is very loose. I just need to have the game done for IFComp.


Thanks everyone. I’ve found myself some testers. See you all at IFComp.