Play testers sought for "Crash" - FOUND!

Hi! I’m looking for play testers for my first game, “Crash”, which I plan to enter in IFComp.

As the tag line says, “A routine maintenance job becomes a harrowing mission in deep space!” You play a member of the 95th Sanitation Division of the Space Authority, assigned to do clean up after the crew of the SS Usagi. But when disaster strikes, you’re captain of your own out-of-control starship.

It is a parser game of I believe moderate difficulty with a play time of around two hours. It’s puzzle-centric with multiple endings having different degrees of “winningness”.

The game is pretty heavily-hinted, so I think it shouldn’t be too hard to get through. I don’t expect a single tester to play through multiple endings, though. I’ve also set it up with help specifically for testers and a number of testing commands.

For this first round of testing, I’m mostly looking for the big things - bugs, things that don’t make sense, puzzles that can’t reasonably be solved, pacing problems, etc.

If you’re interested DM me and I’ll send you a link ASAP. I’m in time zone US Eastern just FYI.



Congrats on writing your first game! Is this a parser or choice game?


Oops. It’s a parser game. I’ve edited the post.