"play online" not working

Several authors have reported that none of the “play online” links are working right now.

UPDATE - as of 10:10 am ET, looks like they work again.


At 10:46am ET, neither the Play Online nor the Download links are working for Last House on the Block or Stuff of Legend. It seems to be a site issue.

Between these two times, the site was down, and when it came up, I went through a few of them. They were all broken. So I figure someone must be working on the site.

The site was not down; our hosting service was having a DNS issue. (See https://status.linode.com/ .) DNS caching means that people would see inconsistent problems – different people would have trouble or not have trouble. And since we now host each game in its own subdomain, you might have trouble reaching some games but not others.

Linode says the DNS problem is fixed; hopefully it stays fixed.