Play online link doesn't appear on IFDB page

I created the following IFDB page for my game [] and uploaded the .t3 game file compiled with webui to the IF archive; it’s present on IF archive now (as of this morning, so it may just be a timing matter) under [] but I don’t see a Play Online link on the IFDB page. Is one such supposed to appear automatically? If not, should I add a download link with the t3run URL []?

The bigger issue is that when I try navigating to that URL directly, I get to the TADS Webplay page but it shows an error stating

The TADS interpreter can't run this game, because the story file path is invalid. You might want to contact the maintainer of the page where you found the launch link.
Error details: Story file location:
This doesn't appear to be a valid HTTP URL. A Web address with an "http://" prefix is required.

Any idea why the webplay page isn’t picking up the story file location on IF archive?

The link should be:


The “Play Online” button should appear automatically, as mentioned here:

Not sure when though. Maybe give it 24 hours.

Edit 2:

Never mind. You had the link tagged as “TADS 3” rather than “TADS 3 Web”. I just fixed that and the button appeared immediately.