"Play" gives File Not Found Error

Hello y’all!

The problem I tested already on Twine 2.3.16 and Twine 2.5.1, and on multiple story formats, but the format I started with (and the one I want) is SugarCube 2.36.1.

When I use “Play” or “Test” it gives a file not found error.

I already tried the solution from this thread I found:

Thanks in advance!

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It’s possible 2.3.16 simply doesn’t translate to 2.5.1–I vaguely remember having trouble importing older-version published files into 2.5.1. Other than that, might want to check your browser cache and clear it, see if that helps.
2.5.1, I feel, would be a genuine improvement over older versions, when it stops being a bit of a buggy mess.

It’s broken on 2.3.16 as well - I actually just recently bought the computer (Ubuntu 22 on a System76 Gazelle laptop), and have started using Twine on it: most of the Linux versions of Twine 2.5.1 didn’t open at all, and on the Linux 64 version of 2.5.1 and 2.3.16 this error was there from the start.

Cleared browser cache and the error has persisted. As another test I created a new story in 2.3.16 instead of importing one, and it has the same error.

Just so y’all know, this error is still continuing. :cry:

I’ve been doing a workaround for text only games, where I go into the Twine Stories folder and open the story file on the browser, and reload it when I update it.

For stories with images I use a Javascript thing I got which uses one path for when it’s being tested, and another for when the images are in a zip with the index file - this didn’t work with my workaround, till I noticed a way to alter it (it was looking for “tmp” so I changed that).