I helped playtest this, but I was just going back and running through the full version, and… hey, you should go play Plasmorphosis if you haven’t yet. By Agnieszka Trzaska (4x4 Archipelago, Chuk and the Arena, Lux, The Bones of Rosalinda, etc.).

Twine game with locations and inventory, about a little space rover who’s going around solving fairly simple puzzles involving grey protoplasmic blobs that transform when you touch them with various materials, turning into such useful critters as the Oven-Safe Slime, the Plasmosaurus Rex, or the Amoeb-Orb (like a giant hamster-ball). Narrated by the enthusiastic (and occasionally sulky) ship’s AI Daphne.

I’m not exactly sure on the length, but I’d guess it’s somewhere around an hour? Well worth the time if you like lightly humorous sci-fi with puzzles that aren’t too hard.


Yeah!! I helped test this one, too!!

It’s a lot of fun! Would highly recommend it as well!


Me too! Very clever puzzle design.


I really liked it too. I stopped at 155/100 points (max of 160 I believe). I must have missed a scan somewhere, because it feels like I’ve seen everything. A bit disappointed that the hard to reach places didn’t have more to offer.
I find myself liking more and more these parser-ish choice games (inventory, explorable world, puzzles, verb (well, tool) + noun interactions). When I’m tired, I enjoy them a lot more than a traditional parser game.

I encountered two bugs:

  • when I reached exactly 100 points, I couldn’t leave. It’s only after one more scan that I was allowed too.
  • I had the Ramoeba & Plasmosausus by the Volcanic Vents but nothing was happening. I think I had to create the P-Rex after I trapped the Ramoeba, it did nothing if I created the P-Rex first which seems like a bug.


Thank you for the bug report! I found the two issues and fixed them.


I played it when the Twine Sci-Fi Jam ended, and this thread reminded me to play it again.
It’s fun and goofy, the lil robot is so loveable, the mechanique is puzzling and interesting.
It was the last game I played in 2022, and it made it ending that year all the more sweeter.