Planetfall: responses to Floyd

I highly recommend reading this article about the game and reactions to Floyd, which definitely surpass anything I could contribute.


I always read Jimmy Maher before I start writing, and I often quote him. He’s great!

Still, what I hoped to tease out with this thread were personal reactions to Floyd, speaking as either author, player, or both.


Discovered Maher not too long ago, and binge read most of it. I was surprised by the widespread reaction to Floyd’s apparent death. Why would anyone assume he was going to stay dead? He’s a robot! Why wouldn’t they put him back together?


I think people read it that way because Meretzky presents the death as tragic and therefore permanent.

IIRC, that was actually Meretzky’s original ending: Floyd stays dead. He brought Floyd back to life based on requests from testers and the marketing department.

It isn’t assured that anyone would fix Floyd except in terms of show business conventions. The ending with a team of people immediately climbing out of cryo tubes to prioritize Floyd’s repair is not necessarily more credible.

The “improved” ending makes problems in Stationfall, too.