Pictures from PAX East IF community gathering

I made a bunch of photos at PAX of IF goings-on, and they’re all up here on Flickr: … 738564802/

  • I always put my photos under a Creative Commons license, so feel free to use however you wish (as long as you credit me)

  • I also made about 25 portraits of folks from our community; I’d love to post them to a single page as a ‘wall of faces’, or perhaps attach them to indivdual’s pages on ifwiki. But I’m not going to do any of that until I get specific opt-ins from each of those people. (I’ll contact you folks separately.)

I am slowly assembling a PAX report, so thanks.

(Also, I opt in.)

Thanks for these updates!!

I’m among the “wish I could have gone” crowd. :frowning:

Here are my pictures: … 607639899/ They’re not as fancy, I took them with a cell phone. License is CC-BY, so use them any way you like.

Ben, I’ve tagged mine “PaxBostonIF”. Maybe we could use that to pool all the pictures? On the other hand the InteractiveFiction tag doesn’t have much other content either.

Thanks for posting the photos as well. Count me in that crowd as well, along with the “wish-we-had-one-here-too” people. :smiley:

And mine: … 9112234386

And video:

David C.