Picture of Graham Nelson

Just curious, how many Graham Nelson is there that is involved with IF?

Micro Adventurer, September 1984, p.37
A blurb about 2 games included with Galaxy’s Edge.

Just the one, I believe. Emily Short commented on a blog post about Galaxy’s Edge:

This is indeed a piece of juvenilia by the same Graham Nelson. He was surprised by the review, however, which he says he didn’t know about, and he claims to have no idea where they got the photo.

(See also: Galaxy’s Edge on IFDB.)


For the love of God, let’s not dig up and publish childhood photos of each other. Or any photos from the 80s really…


Alright. I’ll delete the photo.

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Hey, but we can publish our own, right?

Screenshot 2021-06-30 145713

My dad always asked if I wanted a ‘bull’ haircut, which I thought was really macho sounding, so I kept asking for them. Years later I realized he said ‘bowl’ haircut…ended up looking like Dumb and Dumber for my teenage years…


The resemblance to the photo previously posted (and now redacted) is quite uncanny. Your dad must have asked the barber for ‘the full Nelson’.


on hairdo, I think that Lord Nile don’t have better hairdo than Lord Inform:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.