Photopia "Radio Play" Podcast

The Photopia “radio play” by Keith McNally is criminally under-viewed. If you count yourself as being a fan of Photopia then watch (listen to) this NOW… It’s really good.

Let me know what you think, thanks.



Interesting idea. Too long for my listening attention span, but I applaud the idea.

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It is really well made, I’ve listened to it several times now but that’s probably as much of a reflection on my love of Photopia!

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Photopia was one of the very first IFs I ever played/read. I had no idea of how thi medium worked back then, so I was just stumbling around this narrative space that seemed to go every/anywhere changing colours and settings at whim.

While I am now (as in 5 minutes ago, right before I started typing this) starting up Photopia and comparing interpreters for colour and lettering, I thought I would have a quick look-see on the forum. This link to the podcast came up first, despite it being two years old.

Now I’m torn. Listen to a podcast about a story I loved but didn’t really get 17 years ago, or replay the game first and then listen to a podcast about a story I didn’t really get the first time but I (hopefully) understand a lot better now that I’ve replayed it with a much better grasp of the medium.

There. I just answered my own question. I will be back with my thoughts on both the game and the podcast though.


I’ve actually used Photopia to tell an interactive bedtime tale to my daughters and cousins (of course, the fantasy parts). So this is really neat!

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Hi all, first time logging in since the (minor) heart operation and really happy to see this post has resurfaced!

I had to laugh at my original enthusiasm ("watch it NOW!) :sweat_smile:

But I definitely stand by my statement that it is very under-watched. I’ve listened to it many times and always enjoy going back to it.

Does it lose anything by being a “radio play” and not interactive? Personally I don’t think so, but I’m basing that on myself someone who has played the game a few times. You may feel differently (even if you have also played it) and of course that’s valid.

Putting my critic head on for a second, the audio is a little uneven towards the middle part as the music accompanying the Gold scene is louder than other parts. Also that same part, for me, goes on a little too long as of course you are getting the full text and it’s quite a wordy scene. I still appreciate the scene, especially I think as when I first discovered the recording my kids were the same age roughly as Ali is in the scene; so it resonated with me. But I do think it could be trimmed a little without losing the “father and daughter” bonding.

Other than the above, I love it, and the above is a very minor item that doesn’t spoil but would improve it a little for me.

Hope you give it go! Please let me know what you think.

Adam :slightly_smiling_face::+1: