Photo back up on ipad


You are in a smart study with a large oak desk. On that desk you can see an IPad 2 and a computer.

take ipad


plug ipad into computer

The computer although not made by Apple, loads Apple iTunes and the iPad begins to sync.

Seriously tho…

…you know the filename of the photos, I would select your computer and do a search for one of the file names. When it comes up right click on it and choose “Open File Location” in explorer and it should have then all there.

I don’t think serious replies to spam are needed. :wink:

Very true…

…however perhaps they ran through a spellchecker and it game up with “IPad Support Forum - All Questions Answered, No Question Too Hard”…

…but I think you’re probably right as I am sure that I am reading too much into this! :smiley: