Peterkin Investigates: An IF serial

“Mustard, Music, and Murder” is a short mystery IF game, hosted online at It’s set in 1924 London, back when the C in BBC stood for “Company”, not “Corporation”. It’s also meant as a bit of a companion piece to the novel, “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”, which I am currently crowdfunding. I have an idea that I might make a series out of this game, so there might be another one out a month from now.

“Point Blank Blank” is another short, introductory mystery IF game, the second instalment in the series. Can I make a real serial out of this?

You have to.

Indeed, you should develop your characterization into a brand.

Well now. Here’s Episode 3: “Labour’s Letters Lost”

I think this officially makes it a series. And yes, my brand.

(Check out the associated novel, “Murder at the Veterans’ Club”!)