Pet Peeve

Extensions will run when downloaded and saved to the folder where Inform is installed. But if you want to edit an extension, Inform refuses to let you save it anywhere but your “My Documents” folder.

Inform isn’t installed there. My game isn’t there. In fact, I don’t store anything in the “My Documents” folder. Why does Inform force you to put extensions in an extraneous third location?

I don’t experience this problem - everything goes automatically into Inform/Extensions. Is this a new feature introduced with a newer release of Inform? (I use an older one because of extension compatibility.) Is there an error message when you try to save elsewhere, or what does it look like?

It will let you save an extension anywhere other than the I7 installation directory. The installation directory isn’t intended as somewhere to dump random extensions or other files.

Why not? The installation folder contains an extensions folder.

Because the entire installation folder is replaced with each upgrade. The extensions folder inside it contains only the built-in extensions, so that these can be bundled with the latest version of the software.