Personalised narrative PhD experiment

Hi all, I am doing a PhD on personalisation and narratives, and for this, I created an experiment that consists of an interactive narrative, a personality test and a short story personalised to the user based on either the interactive narrative or the personality test. It’s quite simple and hopefully fun to do and should take just about 15 mins. I hope everyone who has the time could try! I would also appreciate suggestions or help on how to get more participants; I’ve posted this on a couple of forums now. It’s at


Interesting experiment.

My results seemed to reasonably agree in the tabulation.

There were times I had to think about the British idioms.

It looks like a very interesting place to learn. Sometimes I am envious.

I quite enjoyed it, although judging from my interpretation of the scoring I don’t think my results lined up very well.

Would there be any harm in posting how our personalized narrative turned out? I missed the opportunity to preserve mine. :slightly_frowning_face:

Thanks for your interest! :slight_smile:
I’m not sure whether you mean me posting you your narrative (which would be hard since I don’t know which participant you were, and knowing would only be the start for figuring out what it produced) or the participants posting what they got – whilst it could be fun, I worry it might disincentivise people from doing the experiment themselves…

I meant the latter, but I understand if it might cause issues.

Perhaps later when the data collection is done. :grinning:

Mentioning British idioms made me recall the first time I played Scott Adams’ Pirate’s Cove (Pirate Adventure to the non-Commodore world) around 1983. As an American, despite years of watching BBC shows on PBS I had no idea what a ‘flat’ was and found myself confused at the very start of the game. Without a handy-dandy internet search engine, I could only guess and deduce from context that it was some sort of building. :sweat_smile:

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Ooh, should have realised! I changed all references to “flat” into “house” now! Let me know if there are any other problems! :sweat_smile:

The one thing I can think of is a reference to “sectioned”–in American that’s called “committed” or “institutionalized” (I guess “institutionalized” is more permanent). But then that might not be comprehensible to UK readers, and I don’t know if there are legal differences between the UK and US that affect how that part plays.

I picked “sectioned” up due to my military experience…

In Florida they have the Baker Act. We tried to use it on my oldest son one time. :wink:

Thanks for everyone’s interest! So far it’s looking like that while the interactive narrative couldn’t be used as a personality test per se, it works better than the personality test in the personalisation! And since a lot of people have ended up in the control group where they specifically got the opposite of what they were expected to like, I have now made that less likely, so now’s a good time to try if you haven’t yet… :wink: