perform specific action when restore fails


is there a way to force glulx to make something happen when trying to restore a game and it fails for whatever reason?

so if the restore works, it just loads the game…

and if it doesn’t, it does something i want it to do in that case.

I’m sure there’s a more acceptable way to do it, but this should work too.

Remember the trick we did before with the “saving the game” response?

Try something like,

[code]restore the game rule response (A) is “[rest-failed]”.

To say rest-failed:
[your code here][/code]

You can find these responses by going into ACTIONS, looking for the action you want (I find it easier to Ctrl-F, in Windows at least, and type the name of the command, in this case “restore”), and clicking it for details. In this case we get,