Perfect graphic window align in Glk (GlkOte/Lectrote/RemGlk)

I’m stuck on trying to sort out perfect alignment of Glk graphic windows and the images in those windows. Several issues are slowing me down:

  1. Handy example stories that use multiple png/jpg images or even border windows that help show where the calculations are wrong. Counterfeit Monkey is an OK example. I’ve found one of the most difficult examples is The Moon Watch: as it requires pixel perfect calculations (go past the two intro screens)
  2. Trying to convert RemGlk’s calculations into Android’s scheme of margins/padding/width/height/align/scale.
  3. Assimilating the Glk concepts and visualizing them. I may be making mistakes of skipping steps I didn’t understand. Some I think are straight-forward, such as images are offset x/y from their own graphics window, etc. But I’ve overlooked some basics and could be doing so again.

The Moon Watch doesn’t seem to work with Lectrote? Works with Gargoyle. The opening screen doesn’t seem to respond to keystrokes. Same problem with remote GlkOte + RemGlk. Can someone confirm that problem and possibly help get that fixed so I can have a side by side layout reference? Ekphrasis seems to have the same problem?

Anyone have or can put together a project in Inform 7 6M62 for Glulx that aligns images and tries to show where placement / scaling calculations are wrong?

Thank you.

Follow up: I managed to figure it out. The Moon Watch proved to be an ideal test subject as Gargoyle does a very good job resizing it and cross-reference to that behavior was beneficial.