PC who can see in the dark

I am very new to Inform 7 and I would like to implement a PC who can see in dark rooms but not lit ones. Is there a quick way to do this?

I think this works:

[code]Rule for printing the name of a dark room:
say “Light” instead.

Rule for printing the description of a dark room:
say “The light here is blinding.” instead.

Visibility rule when in darkness:
say “It is too light to see.” instead.

Instead of examining when the location of the player is dark:
do nothing.[/code]

Then I just mark all the “light” rooms as being dark.

It feels hacky though, and likely that I’ve missed some library effect for handling darkness, so I’d much rather be able to put “It is dark” on the rooms that are actually dark, and the reverse-visioned PC can see in.

No, that’s the easiest way to do it. The library implementation of darkness is fairly rigid, and you’re hitting the available customization points already.

The alternative is to skip using the library “dark” property entirely, add a “blinding” property, and write your own rules to modify looking and scope and so on.

Thanks. I’m running into problems trying to make light sources work as expected, but I guess it’s possible.