Patrick's 2023 Reviews

Thanks for the review!

I guess I’ll start off by saying that I have no idea why the interpreters aren’t working, since WinFrotz and Windows Gargoyle (and Parchment) also work as far as I have played - but that’s Windows, maybe Linux refuses to play. I’m sorry it had to end with bugs. That seems to be a very recurring theme with Milliways.

I agree greatly with you. Oven time is needed, and don’t worry, it’s gonna be some time before I can get a good version out there.

(Did Trillian become the love interest? I thought that was Fenchurch. I started book 4 but disliked it and found it very uninteresting and Mostly Harmless as well, even disregarding Adam’s usual standards. So, that could be it.)

Extra note (which I think I know the answer to): Do we get to see what our score was for your reviews, since you reference it at the start?


Hi, Max!

I’m definitely happy to help with additional testing, if that works out. (Alternately, installing a recent Ubuntu in a VM and then testing with its versions of Frotz and Gargoyle would maybe be easier, and I’m happy to help with that, too.) Problems seemed crop up (for me) when the score was updated or when the player was transported (as opposed to normal movement). Again, I’m happy to help if I can, though I don’t know ZIL and its toolchain.

It’s been a long time since I read the Hitchhiker’s novels, but IIRC, Trillain was the love interest at the beginning of the novels, back before Arthur goes to space; she was Tricia then. Arthur meets her at a party and is awkwardly trying to small-talk her when Ford walks up and boorishly pushes in front of Arthur ("Hey baby, ditch this loser and come with me; I’m from another planet); Tricia walks off with him, and therefore becomes the only other human to survive the destruction of the Earth. (Or maybe it was Zaphod, not Ford. Come to think of it, I believe it was Zaphod, whom Arthur recognizes in, I think, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe. Trillian is still traveling with him at that point.) Fenchurch comes along later (So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish?), but Arthur spends a lot of time mooning over Trillian first.

I agree with you, by the way: the series really goes downhill after the third novel. (Though So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish has its high points, especially if you’ve lived in southern California. I went to grad school near where Adams was living when he died, and he really does kind of nail the description of the So-Cal douchebag type with characters like Wonko the Sane.)

I made a conscious decision to hide my scores for the duration of the Comp period a few years ago when someone took a relatively low score and a review that boiled down to “meh, not for me. Dude needs to proofread his own writing” very, very badly. (Also, this is because I look back on my scores at end of the Comp and try to assess whether I still think they’re fair relative to each other, and that I haven’t drifted towards scoring harder/easier as the Comp progresses. Since I sometimes bump scores up or down a point during this process, I don’t want to publicize the initial score.) But I’ll unhide them after the Comp results are announced, is my plan. Milliways got neither the highest nor the lowest score I’ve given out this Comp, and its good implementation and funny writing helped to compensate for the bugs on my score.

Again, please let me know if there’s anything I can do to be helpful with testing a new release or with bugfixes, OK?


FWIW, this was not my impression AT ALL. My sense was that you made exactly the game you wanted to make, and more power to you!

This is insane to me. The game was deep and I didn’t even trip over crafting system, time management or excavation! Creating all that in only three months seems deal-with-the-devil type stuff!

I agree with this, and would further think about in-game nudging when you are making some logical leaps (like >GO UNDER STICK :] ) You definitely created a singular experience (like Carhenge!). Some nods or readjustments to modern expectations would go a long way… if you want. You don’t owe us anything though. If you want a cruel game in the world (and I use the term categorically, not pejoratively) by all means leave it be. Our world is RICHER because Carhenge is in it!


Sixtheenth review: Death on the Stormrider

Behold, a map:


Thanks for the review, and the map! The guess-the-phrase issues with hiding are a bit of an embarrassing bug that will definitely get fixed now that the comp is over, but the perfunctory endings were intentional, even if they didn’t quite come across as I’d hoped. Post-mortem coming soon!


I’m looking forward to the postmortem. It was a fun game!