Patched Nitfol for Windows?

Does anyone know where I can find a patched version of Nitfol for Windows?
Let me explain. My Windows screen reader, NVDA, has an add-on (a python script that runs whenever it’s instructed to) to read the output of various IF interpreters, but it has a bug of sorts.
If I press enter on a Z-Code story file in Windows Explorer (or open them with the command prompt, which I do when compiling Inform 6 projects), the output isn’t read; I have to open Frotz myself and open the file manually, which gets annoying after a while.
Fortunately, this issue only effects Frotz, so GLK interpreters work fine.

Since I’m not enough of a programmer to compile the thing myself, I’m wondering where I can grab a compiled version of the program which has been patched.
(Also, compiling source code is easier on mac and Linux, where I don’t have to worry about this issue, heh.)

Patched to do what? Do you need a Glk version of Nitfol? There’s one at

If any Glk interpreter will work, my Z-machine interpreter Bocfel is maintained and Glk-enabled. I’ve built a Windows Glk version you can test: (888.8 KB)

If there’s something that can be done to make it more friendly for screen readers, let me know, and if it’s feasible to add to the next version, I’m happy to do so.