PataNoir - German Translation - now available

Guten Tag.

An embarassingly high number of years okay I offered a german translation of an IF Comp game as a prize.
Simon Christiansen chose his PataNoir, so here is the german translation of the game:

Have fun!

EDIT: This is sort of an open beta, so if you find bugs or typos, please let me know.

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As there is currently no other thing going on at all that might grab the attention of IF folks, here’s the Release 2 of the German PataNoir: … che.gblorb

Okay, here’s the final release of the german translation of PataNoir, now complete with ifdb-page. (Also coming soon to an IF-archive near you).

Congrats to both of you…

…or is that Glückwunsche? (Ok, I just used google translate.)

Things always take longer than you guess they will. It’s very cool this got done.

Yeah, I must admit I’m a little oroud about it.