Past IFComp authors: add contact links to your entries

If I may paste a post from the IFComp blog:

Login and account management lives again at! Touch the friendly green button at the top of any page to either use your old (2013 or earlier) account, or create a brand-new one.

I’d like to invite all authors of past entries to log in and then update their accounts by entering their Twitter handles and homepage URLs, as well as whether or not to publicly share their email addresses. This information, when present, translates into links appearing by and around authors’ names in the results pages. Give it a try!

(These links won’t appear for games entered under a permanent pseudonym. Email addresses are not publicly visible by default.)

If you’re an author of an older work who doesn’t have an account on yet but would like to take advantage of this feature, go ahead and create your account, then drop me a line. I’ll go manually connect your name with your games in the database for you.

Great idea! Thanks, Jmac!