password pre-start (first when play begins)

Hi. it’s me again.

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After reading a command: if the player's command includes "please": say "Please do not say please."; reject the player's command;

This will also fire when inputting “please punch dwarf in the throat”… but what if i only want it to fire when i say “please” and nothing else?

using After reading a command: if the player's command is "please": say "Please do not say please."; reject the player's command;doesn’t work sadly

You could check whether the command “matches” some text, which does an exact comparison.

But there’s an easier method for this sort of thing.

Understand "please" as a mistake ("Your response here.").

On a separate note, please give your thread a more useful title. “Goldilocks” doesn’t tell people anything about what your actual question is.

I suck at naming things. I tried, but all the other names i tried giving the topic were too long or worse than goldilocks.

Besides, the goldilocks termis used for things that are “just right”. Like planets that could support life.

Also, the mistake thing won’t be able to work, i fear, as i’m building a password thing. I’m pasting it before the actual when play begins with a first when play begins, however, after checking the password it wont continue the story anymore :frowning:

i’m such an idiot.

should have named it password pre-start or something.

OKAY i’m more awake now.

What I wanna do is secure my beta versions with a special section - a section that, once deleted, will make the game run normally. so no having to log in, no forcing transcripts, etc.

problem is, when i finish that section, i have to spend a turn actively before it jumps to the actual “when play begins” section (that i’ve had to bypass to a “every turn when”) and it’s getting way complicated.

are there ways around this?

Why do you need a password?

If you want some code to run in beta versions only, you can mark the section (not for release).

Section Z - Beta Features (not for release)

First when play begins:
    say "Thank you for beta-testing this game. Please take a transcript and send it to after playing.";

Because i’m a paranoid POS that wants to make sure if anyone leaks my entry to a contest i can link it straight to them. It would literally have their name coded into it.
Any prior releases disqualifies me from entering things like ifcomp.
I’d rather have something and not need it than need something and not have it.

In that case, why not do something like this?

Understand "testername" as a mistake ("This copy was sent to so-and-so for testing.").

Then typing “testername” will reveal whose copy you’re playing. Remember you need to change this every time you want to send out a new version, for each tester separately.

right now (i fixed it before work) it goes “agree to non disclosure agreement” or else it autoquits
then it makes you type your name - one error there and it autoquits
then it makes you give a passkey - one error there and guess what happens

i’ve been ****ed over in the past quite hard and i’d rather not spoil both dreams of wowing an international crowd with my first book and/or my first game because IF counts as both.

yes, it’s a pain. but only when starting up. :slight_smile:

How about something like this?

[code]The official beginning rules are a rulebook.

An official beginning rule: [Do whatever you want to happen in the When Play Begins rules]

Section Y - Starting up (for release only)

When play begins: Follow the official beginning rules.

Section Z - Beta features (not for release)

[Here you stick your password stuff, and when the tester has entered all the passwords, you can say “Follow the official beginning rules.”][/code]

if that does what i think it does dat **** so mad dolla, son. O.O thanks!

it does all the magicness! :smiley: happy