Passagem [Twine(?) Linking to Start passage] (Portuguese)

Olá tenho uma duvida sobre a passagem, coloquei [[voltar|inicio]] para que o personagem possa voltar para o inicio, entretanto no texto aparece voltar e é onde clica, já a palavra inicio está escrita da mesma forma que o inicio do jogo, só que ao invés de voltar ao inicio abre-se outra caixa. O que faço? obs: Sou nova aqui!


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Hello I have a question about the passage, I put [[back|start]] so that the character can go back to the beginning, however the text appears back and it is where you click, the word start is written in the same way as the start of the game , but instead of going back to the beginning, another box opens. What do I do? obs: I’m new here!

Hello Patricia!

It looks as though you’re using Twine?

Olá Patricia!

Parece que você está usando o Twine?

EDIT: [Deleted wrong answer because Google Translate inserted spaces and I mistakenly thought that was the way it was entered originally, whoops my bad.]

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Passage names are letter case sensitive, and the Target Passage Name you use within your mark-up based link needs to be exactly the same as the Name of the Passage itself.

eg. If your Passage is named Start then the link needs to also target Start


If you mistakenly target start then a new Passage named start will be generated if it doesn’t exist in your project.