Partial Matches To Objects In Conversation

I’m trying to find out which object has the most “hits” in a piece of text for partial matches in conversation. Like, let’s say there’s a grey spoon and a blue spoon, and you say something like “joe, love that blue spoon” Currently, because the grey spoon is a partial match, my code & I7 would match it with the grey spoon instead, even if the topic understood is “blue spoon” from something like “joe, blue spoon”.

In I7, is it possible to compare indexed text to a grammar token in some way? Say you want to check for a partial match on something but want to break down “the topic understood” into smaller pieces to check it against a grammar token several times. Or is there another way to go about this, like use some piece of the library? This may also be a case to use bits of I6? Thanks for any suggestions and recommendations!

Do you mean like this in manual 18.33?

Just want to make sure I’m understanding you…