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A quick message just to inform everyone how voting works on… Essentially you allocate marks out of five, in the form of stars. That’s pretty much it!

I’ve given this a lot of thought and my intention is to have only one rating which is Overall, so for each game you will vote by allocating 1-5 stars against the Overall rating. Short and sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m open to ideas for additional ‘optional’ extra scoring categories but these would need to exist as indicators only and would not count towards the final rating of the game. My rationale for doing it this way is that each game will be different, some will have graphics and some will not, some will have sound and some will not, some may be heavy on puzzles and others not so much. Because of this we can only have the one metric (Overall) that ultimately rates the game otherwise the ratings will be extremely unequal (and unfair).

That said, as mentioned, we can certainly have other scoring criteria but we just need to have it be for indication only and not count towards the final rating.

With the above in mind please do suggest categories for ‘optional’ criteria to score against and I will look to include some (or all).

Thanks in advance.

Adam :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:


I really like the Spring Thing approach where each voter can create custom categories/ribbons.
No need for creating official optional voting categories.

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Ah yeah, that’s a pretty cool way to do it! Sadly I don’t think has that feature, but I can see the appeal.


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Should participants refrain from voting? I would think so, but I don’t see that the rules comment on that.

I don’t see why they should.

I’m happy for participants to also vote. :slightly_smiling_face:



Categories (since you said they don’t have to apply to any game) could include things like “Polish”, “Puzzles”, “Multimedia”, or “writing”.

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Well, hopefully the “Writing” category will apply in some way to all the games…

Is anyone entering a game with a custom/homebrew parser? That would be a cool category to have, but pointless if all the entries are written in Inform.

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“Cool category”?
Thank you!
sometimes I feel a little lonely😉

Good luck to all!

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Couple of axes that might be helpful for categorization, but not necessarily better or worse:

  • short/long
  • traditional/experimental

If you were to introduce categories, these are the ones that come to mind for me:
Spelling, grammar, punctuation and capitalisation
Instructions, help, hints and/or tutorial
Graphics (only if appropriate)
Sound effects and music (only if appropriate)
Absence of bugs
Responsiveness to unusual or unexpected commands

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Thank you!
Could we make this one weigh heavily on the end results, please?

Just so I could have the opportunity to let out my inner cynical pedantic language-maniac.