ParserComp Voting Now Complete

19 entries were submitted between April 30th 2022 at 6:00 PM and June 30th 2022 at 5:59 PM. 308 ratings were given to 19 entries (100.0%) between June 30th 2022 at 5:59 PM and Today at 5:59 PM. The average number of ratings per game was 16.2 and the median was 13 .

I have downloaded the data. We will now begin our analysis. There is quite a bit of data so it may take a couple of days.

More to follow.

Thank you to all of the Participants and Raters!!!


Thanks to you and @ChristopherMerriner and @Adam_S for all your hard work. This was really fun!


Thanks for the hard work!

All that bribery percentage ponderation must be really hard… : D

Remember to return Dorian Passer his money back!

It has been one of the best spent money and time of my life, anyway ; )

Thanks also to all participants. See you in the red carpet and photocall in the ParserComp 2022 awards gala.

Good luck!


Wonderful! Thanks for all your work! I look forward to playing all the games, I was waiting for it to be over


Well done for all this work! It’s been such a great comp.


Thanks for all your work and for extending the deadline! I’d been running late, and there were some entries I didn’t quite give all the attention I wanted to, but … it was big for me.

Also, yay for hitting a minimum of not just 10 votes per game, but 11, and a total of 300 votes!

I would up finishing all my ratings just under the deadline and I fell asleep not worrying about how I placed, and I hope other entrants had a similar positive experience.

I felt like I’ve gotten more feedback for my entry than I have for a long while, and from new people, which leaves me happy for myself and for the community going forward.


Thanks! I know I did! :partying_face:


I took the opposite route, taunting and antagonizing an organizer by deliberately throwing down a gauntlet to @ChristopherMerriner . Someone awarded him the “Evilest Cat” award in Spring Thing, and I made a bold move to steal it from him with my game. After all, his evil cat didn’t kill a harmless, beautiful creature or self-immolate, so obviously I am now poised to snatch that award from him.


Thank you everyone for this very memorable summer! Everyone was amazing — our raters, us participants, our beta testers, those reviewers, our audience, and especially our organizers!!

Speaking of bribery… :wink:

Does anyone know where to purchase a prepaid visa eCard online? I’d love to buy a drink (or a snack, whatever) for @ChristopherMerriner and @fos1 as a token of my gratitude for bringing us all together this summer!!

But, assuming we’re an international group here, I’m not sure how this works? Has anybody done this before?


…and I shall begin the shamanic dancing and casting of the runes.

Indeed, thanks to everyone who entered and voted! I’m really thrilled that we managed to get so many votes in, although I never really doubted the engagement and enthusiasm of this excellent community of game makers and game players.

That’s very kind, but really there’s no need. [a brown envelope stuffed with crumpled bank notes is fine, thanks].

Stand by for the full results folks! I should also mention that, aside from the trophy awarded to the overall winner, there will be a small token of acknowledgement awarded to each participant - details to follow.



Thank you! Well, just saying, I had full intentions of offering this well before this comp started. :smile: I think I can PM an Amazon gift code, if that works?

I have taken a break. My ROG super computer is now cooling off. The calculations are complete and have been sent to the front office for review. The top two games were separated by only a few tenths of a point. Almost too close to call. The large number of ratings made the calculations reliable.