ParserComp submissions are OPEN!

I just wanted to drop a word here that I submitted my entry a few hours ago. I know it’s cutting it a little close with the deadline in two days, so I didn’t want to wait until the last second to mention it, in case it gets lost in the submission system. I’m not sure how the files are received on the other end.

I just sent a confirmation to someone whose initials appear to match yours. So… if you got a confirmation… you’re all set!

If not, then there are a couple CMGs wandering around.

Thank you!

Submitted! As last minute as ever!

Um, this isn’t literally true is it? We still have 23 hours? Because I need them.

Submissions close at midnight Eastern tonight.

Whoops! My bad. I thought midnight the 1st was midnight leading into the 1st. Guess that makes me early!

I thought so too. I think my brain was using military time, where midnight is 00:00 at the start of a new day. But it’s nice that there’s a little extra cushion if it’s this upcoming midnight instead!

(This is why I usually declare deadlines at 11:59 PM. Eastern. (Not “EST”.))

Speaking of which, what’s the final draft deadline? Feb 14th at 11:59 PM Eastern?

Correct! Just under 25 hours left.