ParserComp submissions are OPEN!

To enter ParserComp, upload the first draft of your game here:

The first draft must include a walkthrough to demonstrate that the game can be played and finished. Only games that have a first draft in by February 1, 2015 will be eligible for ParserComp.

Once first drafts are in, there will be a two-week polishing window before final drafts are due on February 14, 2015.

Yay parser games!

who cares?

sunrise, huh? perhaps I’ll brush up my I7 skills…

So Carolyn, basically this is the cue to start my submission!!

Just kidding. >:D

So, Carolyn, basically this is the cue to start my submission

not kidding tho

Hey, it’s supposed to be a low-stress competition. BRING IT.

A quick question for the organizer, while I’m thinking about it. Will this comp have blurbs or no blurbs? Thanks!

I… hadn’t thought about it, truth be told.

I’m leaning toward no, for simplicity. Anyone want to argue the case?

The blurb is going to be the best part of my game, if both the blurb and the game exist. (Details in PM.)

I think it’ll depend on how many games are submitted. If there are a lot of games, then blurbs make it easier to get through the list as you can start with what you’re in the mood for.

I’d prefer it if I was able to do one, I hope there’s at least a way for us to display our cover art! I think it loses impact if you only see it as a little icon.

I have not been planning to display ParserComp cover art on the site.

While I appreciate all jmac’s hard work on the new IFComp page, I find the current version (which displays all the cover art, unlike the prior version) to be a bit overwhelming. I would prefer to see the titles and format information and download links in a tight, convenient text box, rather than having to scroll down to get through the cover art.

The best way I see to accomplish both of these goals (provide all game links on the same page in a clean, tight format, while still displaying full-size cover art) is to list all the games together, give each game its own page accessible from the main list, and then provide cover art and a blurb on the game’s individual page. However, that would require me to build a separate page for each game. Depending on the number of entries involved, that could be a significant time sink. I’d rather spend that time recruiting judges, raising awareness of parser games, and playing and judging games myself.

I can see that this is important to you, so I’ll give it some further thought, but I want you to know that’s my current perspective.

Suggestion: make a competition page in IFDB and provide link to that from your own comp page. That way you get a list-with-cover-art feature with minimal work and everyone can edit their IFDB page to whatever they like.

I suppose the “You can discuss your own games” rule means that we can put out our own blurbs and cover art if we want. I can definitely see the appeal of the straight text box, and also of not making people feel like they have to write blurbs/make cover art in a low-pressure comp.

This sounds like the perfect solution!

Hey - I’ve sent in my submission but haven’t gotten any confirmation that it was received; is this normal?

I was wondering this too, this is my first comp. [emote]:)[/emote]

Apologies. I meant to send confirmations today but then got caught up in the wild world of Twitterbots.

Okay, I went ahead and sent emails out in response to all received submissions.

If you did not get a confirmation email from me, let me know!

I didn’t get one [emote]:([/emote]

BadDog - will follow up with you via private message.