ParserComp playtest swap thread

Taking a cue from ShuffleComp, the ParserComp schedule includes a built-in window for testing and polish.

I’m not going to be organizing playtest swaps myself, but I wanted to open a thread so ParserComp participants in need of playtesters could find them.

…have at!

I’ve done one round of playtesting but would like to do another – anyone want to swap?


Unfortunately I didn’t get around to finishing anything for this competition, but that just means I have more time for testing. Contact me if you’re looking for a tester.


Count me in - I’m happy to swap with one or two entrants!

I just submitted my game, but I’d be happy to swap as well.

able and willing [emote]:)[/emote]

I’m in! I may need a couple of days to recover and to fill in some placeholder text etc. in my entry, though. (I took the “rough” in “rough draft” very seriously.)

I’ve had a few people play through it, but it would never hurt to have more. If you’d like to play Chlorophyll, please send me a message, and I’d be happy to play anyone else’s game as well!

I’d be glad to help test, too. I’ve tested one game already, and someone else sent me something but I haven’t done anything yet.

So anyone who wants, just PM me a dropbox link…

Also, Carolyn, would you be averse to there being a (privately linked to authors/testers, as I assume works shouldn’t go public before 2/15) Google document of games, who may be testing them, rough genres, and maybe what needs particular attention or even feelies/walkthrough for a quick look?

I’m not sure how much organization is optimal, and how much privacy authors want/need, or even when tinkering would get in the way of ParserComp just being fun. I’ve had fun with the one work I’ve tested so far, and I don’t want to suggest anything that would overkill things.

Sounds fine by me, as long as someone else builds it.

There’s actually no rule against works being public (in fact, prior releases were allowed, though only one person took advantage of that to my knowledge.) Of course, please don’t distribute anything without the author’s permission.

Are people still up for swapping? I’ve finally finished the tutorial for my game, without which it would be pretty untestable, and now I have time to test other people’s games too!

(In fact, since it’s OK to post the game in public, I’m attaching the test build to the post. Anyone who just wants to grab it and go should have a whack! E-mail me anything at matt at matt weiner dot net. And anyone who wants me to test your game can get in touch.)

My parsercomp project has gotten a lot of testing already, but I’d like it if 1-2 people would look at it with fresh eyes. Contact me if you’d like to help me out.