ParserComp: Let the judging begin!

14 games were submitted to ParserComp 2015!

You can download them here as a single zipped file, or wait for online play links to become available in a few days. (I’ll update here when they’re available.)

Please review the judging guidelines before you get started. In particular:

  1. You must judge at least seven games for your ratings to count.
  2. You must provide written feedback for your ratings to count.
  3. ParserComp authors are not eligible to judge ParserComp.

The judging window will remain open until 11:59 PM Eastern on March 14, 2015.

Awesome, Carolyn!

Can I make a simple request–can you put the readme up separately? It seems like a good thing to have up now, and also I’m irrationally averse to downloading the new zip to get the message about which interpreters I need to use.

This sounds like vast fun, though I am not sure about my time due to being about to start a new job and move to a new city. Thank you for running this comp!

Full contents of the Readme are below.


This .zip file contains the following 14 games:

Mean Streets, by BadDog
Six Gray Rats Crawl Up The Pillow, by Boswell Cain
Chlorophyll, by Steph Cherrywell
Terminator Chaser, by Bruno Dias
Down, the Serpent and the Sun, by Chandler Groover
Delphina’s House, by Alice Grove
Oppositely Opal, by Buster Hudson
An Adventurer’s Backyard, by lyricasylum
Endless Sands, by Hamish McIntyre
Lockdown, by Richard Otter
A Long Drink, by Owen Parks
Sunburn, by Caelyn Sandel
Three Days of Night, by spaceflounder
Terminator, by Matt Weiner

In order to play offline, you will need to install interpreter that matches your IF format and OS. (There is one exception - Terminator Chaser - which can be played by launching play.html.)

Some recommended interpreters…

For Glulx: … lulxe.html
For Z-code:

These are not the only interpreters available. For more interpreter recommendations, see


Anyone who isn’t participating can judge the games, but to help ensure a level playing field, all judges must play at least half the games (7 games).

Judges will score each game 1-5 in the following categories:

Writing – Is the game’s prose well-written?
Story – Is the game’s story interesting and enjoyable?
Puzzles – Does the game have puzzles? If so, are they well-designed?
Use of Theme – Did the game make use of the ParserComp theme? If so, was the theme integrated well?
Technical – Is the game polished or buggy? Did the game do anything unusual or noteworthy with the parser format?
Overall – What is your overall opinion of the game? Would you recommend it to other people?

These scores will be used to determine awards, but they will not be publicized or provided to the authors.

In order for a judge’s ratings to be accepted, the judge must provide a few sentences of feedback on the game as well as the numeric ratings. This feedback will be delivered anonymously to the game’s author at the end of the competition.

When you are ready to judge the ParserComp games, please go to for the judging links.


…and enjoy!

Carolyn VanEseltine
ParserComp 2015 organizer

I’ve received a couple questions about whether betatesters can score the games that they tested. Since I didn’t make a ruling about it in advance, I’m going to err on the side of inclusivity. The official ruling:

There is no technical rule against betatesters scoring games they tested. However, betatesters are asked to use good judgment and recuse themselves if they don’t think they can be impartial.

My Git says that Adventurer’s Backyard is a corrupted blorb file? Actually, I just checked with WinGlulxe and that also says it’s corrupted.

Adventurer’s Backyard requires ADRIFT Runner.

Facepalm. I could have sworn there was a “g” in there…

There was an error in the initial ParserComp readme, which sent people to a single (unavailable) Google form.

The correct judging forms are individual links located at

Sorry for the confusion!

I entered a game so I can’t judge, but I also beta-tested some of them, and I can say there are some really strong entries!

How about we use Gargoyle for all of the entries? Ha, ha, ha.

Gargoyle will support most of the entries - it’s what I was using to verify initially. However, it won’t work with An Adventurer’s Backyard or Three Days of Night, and will reduce the capabilities of Chlorophyll.

Do I have to leave my post-mortem on the making of the game until afterwards or can I put it up now?

From the site:

That sounds like a go-ahead.

OK, cool. Thanks for the (harsh, but ultimately fair) feedback.

Nothing wrong with postmorting now, under the rules.

I will say, though - if it were me, I would hold off till the end. You’re likely to be super-aware of flaws in your game right now, but we’re less than a week into the event, and there are a lot of people who haven’t played your game yet. You may not want to affect their perspectives.

Here’s a question: I have the web compiled version of Three Days of Night available for upload to the ifarchive and link to the ifdb. Would it be easier for the judges to play it that way? It’s the same game as in the downloadable competition zip.

I also have the web version of the comp version of Terminator Chaser ready to go online, but I’m refraining from posting that until cvaneseltine puts up the play online link for it and the other games.

Spaceflounder and Sequitur - Go ahead and put up your web versions, and then I’ll link to them.

However, don’t please upload to the IF Archive, as I’ve already done that. (This is the reason for the delay in the online versions - the online versions are going to be from the IF Archive, but they haven’t been processed yet.)

Here’s a web version for Terminator (straight, no chaser).

How does Gargoyle reduce the capabilities of Cholorphyll? (And, perhaps more relevantly to me, does Zoom also reduce it?)