ParserComp first drafts due February 1!

ParserComp first drafts are due by midnight Eastern on February 1. Bring out your drafts!

Upload link:

I have been sending email confirmations to everyone on receipt of their drafts. If you sent in your first draft, but haven’t received email confirmation, please tag me on PM to sort it out.

Sorry… forgot conventions vary across the pond.

You could make it 2/2 and resolve all ambiguity!

Is there really a danger that someone would think this “Jan 31st” post would mean that the first drafts are due on the second of January?

(having said that, Feb 2 is more easily readable, so what am I complaining about)

Matt w: Seconded!

EDIT - I actually meant “Feb 1” is more easily readable. FWIW.

cvaneseltine pls

If you’ve already had your entry playtested and are working on something else, do you have to submit a second draft or is it OK to leave it as it is?

The testing never ends.

There is no requirement to submit another draft if you’re happy with the first one you send in. I’ll use whatever the most recent draft I receive is.

All received submissions to this point have been confirmed by email. If you have not received an email confirmation, ping me!

First draft submissions close at midnight Eastern tonight.

True dat.

How to write dates:

Also relevant:

First draft submissions are closed. Let the polish window begin!

I didn’t expect to make such a big thing of the dates! It’s pretty obvious when you read the topic itself and see the dates, but when you view it from the board you can only see the date of the last reply, so I thought it would be a helpful suggestion.

13 first drafts have been submitted to ParserComp.

Based on my sneak preview (organizer’s privilege!) this is going to be a seriously fun competition to play. I’m really looking forward to the judging window.

…but first… polish!

Also, I sent a next-steps email to every participant.

If you did not receive the next-steps email, please let me know!

FYI- I plan on reviewing the hell outta ParserComp on my blog. Looking forward to the works getting released! [emote]:)[/emote]

13? I figured that getting 10 would be a great turnout. I’m looking forward to the games, and thanks Caroline for encouraging them.


Yay! I didn’t get any project done, but trying for ParserComp did give me an idea for a puzzle or two which wouldn’t make a full game.

Hooray! I hope you’ll also judge!