ParserComp 2024 - Now open for judging!

This was the first game entered when the Classic vs Feestyle selection was broken. It has now been fixed and @fos1 asked the author to add the selection two months ago, but he/she hasn’t responded. It should be in Classic.

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Hey, @fos1. Do you think you could disqualify the four missing entries so that the numbers tally up? We’re still seeing 21 entries, but there’s only 17 games. The four missing games can be seen in Screenshots or Submission feed and they are definitely not parser-based interactive fiction.

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Done. Now my eyes are crossed. :wink:

I will take care of this today. We live in the Houston, TX area and have been out of power, internet and phone service since Beryl hit. We evacuated east but no computer. I am using a cell phone for everything. Very difficult.



That must be really difficult Jeff, I hope your neighbourhood isn’t too hard hit.


Hey @fos1,

Am I ok to add a “play online” option to my comp entry please?

I’ve done the online parchment thing and have a HTML page with the game in.




Of course. That would be fine.


The author of the ParserComp entry “Race Against Time” has just announced that the game can now be played online here:

No need to download anything. I played through it online, and except for a few layout differences, it plays very well online.

The announcement:
Race against Time available online - Competitions - The Interactive Fiction Community Forum (


ParserComp 2024 judging has less than a week before the lamp dims for a year.

We have some very interesting and creative games this year. Can’t wait to the see the results!