Parsercomp 2023 "Adventures gaming on the go"

Welcome to the Parsercomp 2023 event. I am excited to play and review all the entries. I hope that I will have enough time and energy to do the job.
By the way I see some games I have previously tested or played and I have to say that these ones are top notch quality level. So, let’s play and enjoy this bunch of jewels.
Happy summer (or winter) season.

Search for the Lost Ark by Garry Francis
Hinterlands Delivered! by Cody Gaisser
Purple Pearl by Amanda Walker
Entre Líneas de Fuego by Paravariar

  • Jade.

Search for the lost Ark
This is an exploration game with some interesting puzles and a rather great tutorial.
I liked testing the game so much. It has a good plot and it is rather easy but no simple at all.
The design of the game remembered me in some ways to some titles as Galaxy Jones, Big foot, tac. Nice exploring gameplay, solid argument, fun and involving history.
This is a less than 2 hour game which you will enjoy a lot when playing.

  • Jade

Hinterland Delivered!

This game from Cody Graisier is larger than his previous ones. I tested this exploration game but not till the end. I plan to finish it during the parsercomp event.
This is a big, great, polished, exploration game with an whole world and it’s lore to learn of.
There are a dozen of NPCs which will teach us about the lore, other NPCs, trade, and give some hints.
I sincerely hope that you give it a try. The game deserves it.

  • Jade.

Purple pearl by Amanda Walker

I tested this two player game one night several months ago and I remember that I got shocked for that experience. This is a game where the two players have to cooperate to reach the end of the game. They have to get some clues and objets for each other. I can’t wait untill I play again this time with some of you.

  • Jade

Between lines of fire
I played this game in spanish language some years ago and I am curious about it’s development, improvement and translation to English. Paravariar is a prolific spanish author that owns some prizes got in the last comps.
Finally I have to say that this historic game was a nice one that surprised me and I recommend give it a try.

  • Jade.

Yes! I played it as Entre les Lignes de Feu in the French FI Comp and it blew my guts out. Very strong game.

Also: fantastic effort to bring three languages to the table. What’s next, @paravaariar? Khoisan?