ParserComp 2022: Voting Spreadsheet Template

If you are not planning to vote in ParserComp 2022, you are doing wrong.

But if you are inside of the Chosen Ones Circle of Knowledge and Voting Power ™, it is possible that you can find useful this little help in form of Google Spreadsheet Template, that you can copy to store your so valuable votes and information:

It has been under development during all this 2022 year just for that event, and it includes fantastic information as the names of the games and authors, and the categories of the comp. All that incredible information is now available to you for free during a limited time through this link:

To ensure you still can enjoy its enormous benefits, go to “File > Make a copy” menu, and in the popup you rename it to the name you like the most, like “My personal voting”.

Do It now!

Voting at ParserComp 2022 is the new black.


Nice spreadsheet. I have downloaded a copy.

I have been running a spreadsheet of my own.

Considering the problems with itch, this may be the goto rating system!

Thank you!!!


Shouldn’t the “Played” entry for Of Their Shadows Deep appear in The Impossible Bottle?

Seriously though this is nice as it can be a pain to cross-check ratings. I don’t like the thought of giving one entry a lower relative score than it deserves, and I like being able to balance out scores and double-check without opening a bunch of web pages.

By the way, is there a localized command for COUNTIF? I was trying some additional stuff to make sure I stayed on-pace to complete everything, and COUNTIF gave a formula error, but COUNTA didn’t.

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Thanks for putting this together. It may indeed be the way we have to do it if itch don’t get their act together and fix the rating system on the website!


I’m going to be using a derivative of this even now itch finally got things rolling. @parsercommander did the heavy lifting, and I merely added

  1. a COUNTIF function

I used similar functions to pace myself for IFComp, and this isn’t as rigorous, since IFComp was bigger and I’m more comfortable playing parser games (but I’m still very glad to have seen all the IFComp '21 games!)

One key thing to note is that for those of us in the US, we may wish to go to File::Settings and change the locale to English and the time zone to US Central or whatever, so Google Spreadsheet functions work as we understand they do. I got an error for COUNTIF(a1:a3,“x”) when in Spanish localization, I needed COUNTIF(a1:a3;“x”) for things to work.

A22-D22 track your pace, and C23 has custom number formatting. It goes from dark green to green to red to dark red based on if I am ahead of or behind schedule.

You may have to switch the beginning and ending dates, too, as I didn’t take time zones into account. =NOW() does.

I’d be interested in others’ modifications … the more bumpers we have to make sure we get through all the games, the better!


I made a spreadsheet with some additional information about the games. Post it here if anyone else find it useful when navigating between the games.

Name System Other
Alchemist’s Gold Inform 6/Puny Online
Anita’s Goodbye Inform 7 Offline
ConText NightSky Custom/Context Offline
Cost of Living Custom Online, Out of contest
Desrosier’s Discovery Custom/PLUGH Online
Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand Custom /Parser Commander Online
Improv: Origins Inform 7 Offline
Kondiac Custom/Unity Offline
Lantern Custom/LOVE Offline
Midnight at Al’s Self Storage, Truck Rentals, and Discount Psychic Readings Inform 7/10.1 Online
October 31st. ADRIFT Offline
Of Their Shadows Deep Inform 7 Online
python game Custom/Python Offline
Radio Tower Godot Online
The Euripides Enigma ADRIFT Offline
The Impossible Stairs Dialog Online
The muse Inform 7 Online
Things that Happened in Houghtonbridge Adventuron Online
Uncle Mortimer’s Secret Custom/QBasic64 Offline
You Won’t Get Her Back Inform 7 Online

Of the custom ones:

  • ConText NightSky uses Context
  • Desrosier’s Discovery uses PLUGH
  • Gent Stickman vs Evil Meat Hand uses Parser Commander
  • Kondiac uses Unity
  • Lantern uses LOVE
  • python game uses Python
  • Uncle Mortimer’s Secret uses QBasic64