ParserComp 2022 - Submissions Open

It is the time to be submissive…


Hello everyone

We’re excited to announce that the ParserComp 2022 submission window is now open, over on!

Here at ParserComp HQ, @fos1 and I have been busy polishing the silver, dusting the window ledges, airing the linen and getting the guest rooms ready for all the games that we’re expecting to turn up at our door over the next couple of months. With 77 registrations and counting, it promises to be quite a party!

Authors: you now have a mere 2 months, 23 hours, 29 minutes and 17 seconds remaining to finish off and submit your games to the competition before the deadline of 30 June 2022. Feel free to casually and carefreely submit them right away if you just want them off your plate, or else take it right down to the wire and scrabble to submit in the final few frantic seconds before the deadline, in the traditional manner; the choice is yours.

Judges and Reviewers: we’ll be needing you! Please make a note of the voting window, 1 July to 31 July 2022 in your diaries and prepare yourself for the awesome responsibility of determining the recipient of the above fabled, exclusive, solid-gold-ish lamp trophy.

Best of luck everyone!


Best of luck to the ParserComp… I wish I could participate, but I’ll be lucky if I find the time to finish my big parser game for this year’s IFComp…


This level of participation is very exciting, but at the same time I am only human so would it be bad form to hope that amongst the 77 are a reasonable percentage of flakes?

(It’s fine, you can just wait for IFComp!)


I think we can forgive you that ignoble thought - we don’t want to burn out our judges and of course, other competitions are available (although, naturally, ours is the best one)!

With the usual attrition rate, we should hopefully at least match last year’s number of submissions from the 80(!) now signed up.


I’m doing my part to ease the load by making my game this year pretty short lol.


Done! Looking forward to this year’s crop.