ParserComp 2021 - Results Are In!

What a tremendous competition!

18 entries were submitted between April 30th 2021 at 6:00 PM and June 30th 2021 at 5:59 PM. 355 ratings were given to 18 entries between June 30th 2021 at 5:59 PM and Today at 5:59 PM. The average number of ratings per game was 19.7 and the median was 20 . All of the games were well played and well written.

In the Overall category Grooverland by Mathbrush took 1st place, Gruesome by Robin Johnson took 2nd place and Foreign Soil by Olaf Nowaki is in 3rd.

Fairies of Haelstowne by Christopher Merriner was 1st in the Writing category and Snowhaven by Grizel was 1st in the Presentation category.

ParserComp results at

An Excel spreadsheet with the tabulated results is available to download. The results listed in the spreadsheet can be sorted and filtered as you please.

Many thanks to Adam for putting the 2021 ParserComp together. HIs hard work and dedication are most appreciated.


Thanks to both you and Adam for all your work and for the fellow competitors for writing such good stuff. (Thanks especially to those I was able to trade ideas with.) I’m pleased to have squeaked into the top half, ahead of a lot of games I really liked. It felt like ParserComp came along at a fortuitous time for me, and I got a lot out of it.

I hope judges and other competitors did, too.


ParserComp Result Analysis Excel Spreadsheet now available.

Excel spreadsheet with the tabulated results is available to download. The results listed in the spreadsheet can be sorted and filtered as you please.


Congratulations to Brian Rushton for winning first place! Thank you to everyone for participating, it was a lovely competition. Thanks so much to Adam and fos1 for organizing and promoting a beautiful outpouring of creativity. Glad to see The Faeries of Haelstowne and Snowhaven get first place in their strongest subcategories as well.


A well-deserved applause to all involved!

Congratulations to mathbrush for the overall win. A solid, funny and scary IF-piece to amuse many a player to come.


congrats, all! And thanks to @Adam_S for creating it and to @fos1 for taking the wheel.


Congratulations to Brian, Robin and Olaf for taking the first, second and third place. Also, congratulations and huge thank you to all authors for their games. Many nice moments and July was more fun thanks to your games.

Huge thank you to Adam for organizing ParserComp and to fos1 for stepping in when it was much needed.

Looking forward to ParserComp 2022!


Hear hear!


I had a great time with this, and couldn’t be happier with the result - congratulations @Mathbrush for a well-deserved gold.

Reviving Parsercomp was an excellent idea - huge thanks to Adam and fos. Most of my games from now on will probably be point-n-click hybrids, so it was refreshing to get back to the prompt. Hope it continues. And far from the gratuitously nostalgic gatekeeping retrofest that some might have feared, it was great to see a diversity of form, content and original ideas within parser dev.

(credit blame apologies to xkcd)


Thanks to the organisers, entrants and everyone who played the games. ParserComp was a great thing to be part of with a really excellent level of engagement all round.

I hope this has whetted the appetite for IF Comp (after all this parser stuff, I’m quite looking forward to playing a few choice-based games!)


Further Analysis - Game Development Systems

Inform 7 - 8 Games - Placing 1, 3, 4, 6, 9, 11, 15, 16
Adventuron - 3 Games - Placing 5, 7, 10
Inform 6 - 2 Games - Placing 8, 13
Adrift - 1 Games - Placing 12
Basic - 2 Games - Placing 14, 17
AdvSys - 1 Game - Placing 18
Verisificator - 1 Game - Placing 2


Congrats to Brian, Robin Olaf, Christopher, Grizel, and in fact all the authors – and major kudos to Adam and fos1 for their work making ParserComp happen! This was a great event, filled with lovely games and a lot of positive vibes. On a selfish personal level, I’m unlikely to be able to be as engaged with IF Comp this year as I’d like, so I really appreciated having this mid-summer event to play through and write overlong reviews for. Here’s hoping for a 2022 follow-up, but even if it’s a one-off it’ll have been very much worthwhile!


Congrats in first place to Adam. Also to all the people fos1, etc, that has supported this comp.

Second place, congratulations to all winners and also to all participants and testers. I played a lot some games that liked me very much. The People has talked, and voted of course, but there are some mismatch between my criteria and general results. I am happy about that couse I have many games for gamming to the end.

And lastly, congratulations for those people who has played, voted, reviewed, answer with hints, writing this good post with all info about this parsercomp 2021.


Thank you so much everyone. I feel very honored by the attention that my game mustered :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (even that one very, umm, enlightening review that I received from ramstrong) and very amazed and impressed by the top winners!

See you soon - I’ll be entering IFComp and continuing to represent Adventuron!


Thank you everyone for making this competition the wonderful success that it was! Thanks to @fos1 for a very much needed assist.

Love to all.