ParserComp 2.0 - Gauging Interest Level

ParserComp - Gauging Interest
  • Yes, and i’d enter!
  • Yes, and i’d support in some capacity!
  • Yes, I would judge the games!
  • I’d cheer it on but not take part
  • No, only because i’ve got too much on
  • Not for me thanks
  • Bad idea, don’t do it!

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Let the gauging begin!



I’m going to be the doofus here :laughing:

What was ParserComp 1, where can I learn about it and how will the next one taste better?

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That is by no means a doofish question :smiley: I was in the same boat 48hrs ago!!

If you search in this group for ParserComp then there is the original post and then the results.


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So, I just voted in favour.

But may I add some specific requests?

  • Not assuming a particular platform/engine. I’m working on a non-traditional IF engine of my own.
  • Not to prohibit development in public. A public Github repo should not disqualify the entry.
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They sound reasonable requests to me.

@zarf If I may pick your more seasoned brains on this please, do these sound ok to you also?

Both good points. I see no reason why the source code should not be made public if that’s what the author wants to do.


I will play ifcomp games If there is a comp based in parser games only.
I hope there will be enough games to enter in a contet.

Best regards.


I’ll be happy to play test! :blush: