Parser Text Adventures on Steam and GOG

I have added PataNoir.


No idea where Pixel Games is aiming at, but I’ve added Pimania.


Just quoting this so it gets another play. Jesus.

All they have to say is “We won’t make enough money off it,” not make the submitter wonder if they accidentally tried to contact Good New Games.

“Cripple it’s [sic] interest on day 1” - I didn’t realize all gog games come with a free time machine.

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GOG and Steam recently started selling Guardians of Infinity: To Save Kennedy. That one might count, though I had never even heard of it before (and I had heard of Pimania!) so I definitely need to read the manual carefully if I want to give it an earnest try.



Guardians of Infinity doesn’t have an IFDB entry (yet). I peeked into a LP on YouTube, and while most of the game seems to be dialogue through entering keywords, you do issue commands to the NPCs just like you’d do it in a text adventure, so I added it to the list. I’ll remove it if it’s not considered a parser text adventure by others.


It doesn’t appear to be on Steam or GOG - at least not yet? - but Zoom Platform is selling some 1985 “Windham Classics” Treasure Island game: Zoom Platform - Treasure Island

I think I may have heard the game mentioned somewhere - possibly at The Digital Antiquarian - and it does have an IFDB entry. But I don’t really know anything about it.