Parser Parer: A tool for limiting parser actions in Inform 7

I made a web page that generates Inform 7 code to limit player actions (or to categorize standard actions for any reason, really). You check off the actions you want code for, and it will generate “Understand nothing as X” or “X is (kind of action)” lines for those actions.

The page is here:

If you run into any problems, please let me know.

Thanks to Caleb, CMG, Doug, Jojo, Draconis, matt w, vlaviano, emshort for your ideas and suggestions (and the name). And thanks to Juhana, because looking at your code in one of your games is what clued me in to the possibility of disabling actions this way in the first place.

What a useful tool! Makes me wish it was posted everywhere, linked to in the documentation and distributed along with I7 to make sure people know it exists and can even use it offline!

You actually can use it offline, if you save the web page.

The repository is here: … e/gh-pages

It’s still new enough that I may be making changes to it though.


This looks smashing. Thank you!

Thanks! (Also, Peter Piers, if there were some central location for Inform-adjacent tools, I wouldn’t mind putting it there, but it seems like the only adjacent things gathered into a central place are the extensions.)