Parser games with a blind pc?

Does anyone know of any parser games where the pc is blind?


I have not played any of these. These all mention a blind protagonist:

This one might have a blind protagonist; the blurb is unclear:

You might find more on itch, but you’d have to filter through all the mainstream games to find interactive fiction games with blind protagonists.

I’m going to check CASA. If I find any more, I’ll add them.

ETA: CASA only seems to let you keyword search on titles, and not the about blurbs. Also, I don’t see a tag system.

Hello, @Warrigal , may I please bug you briefly? Am I correct that a title search is the only built in way to search CASA contents?

In the meantime, I’ll try a search engine limited to CASA’s URL.


Out of Pinkunz’s games, I highly recommend Lux, and wouldn’t entirely recommend Blind. Haven’t played the others. Lux isn’t a parser game, though, while Blind is. Lux is very parser-like, though.

Andrew Plotkin’s game So Far has a whole area in complete darkness, using sound and smell as clues, but it’s deep into the game and the game is incredibly hard.

Edit: You know, this parser game by Victor Gijsbers might be really helpful:

You’re remotely piloting a mech. You’re not blind, but the mech is, so a human describes everything for you.


Correct. You can search by all the main fields, such as author, title, publisher, system, platform etc., but there is no search of the text within game descriptions and things like that. The closest you can get is genre, but the genres are very broad and there’s nothing related to things like female protagonist, blind protagonist and so on. The Google search restricted to CASA is a better option.

A system of tags would be good, but they’re hard to maintain. The tags on IFDB are analogous to anarchy. As they’re entirely contributor controlled, you can have different tags meaning the same thing, tags that have been applied inappropriately and tags that could be applied that haven’t been applied. There’s nothing you can do about that. It’s just the way it is.

The tags on are the same, except that it is up to the game author to apply the tags. Some authors don’t bother. Some apply every tag they can think of.


I stumbled across this game while looking through past IF Comp entries and made a mental note to check it out more thoroughly at some point, which I unfortunately haven’t followed through on yet. Judging by the reviews, most (if not all) of the action takes place in darkness.